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More than likely, Love You Better isn't what you think it's about, and I love that.  That was my goal.  I love when you can listen to a song and create your own story.  It's a cool connecting point between the writer and listener.  I wrote LYB after a meeting with my music business mentor, Brad Williams.  Brad and his wife had recently switched over to a vegan diet, and since I had been vegan for a while, we were chatting about the lifestyle.  The conversation moved to song writing, and he pulled up a song called "Be Healthy" by Dead Prez.  He was like, "Bro, you need to write a song about being vegan."  I hadn't really thought about it before, and if I had, I probably quickly brushed it off thinking that it would come across as me pushing an agenda or that it would just be annoying.  However, there's something about the way that Brad says things that makes you feel invincible; like no matter what you do it will be gold.  So I decided I'd give it a go.  I never wanted to be the vegan street sign holder on the side of the road yelling at you, telling you that you're the worst person ever if you eat meat.  I prefer much more subtle approaches.  I challenged myself to write lyrics that had a broad perspective, but still gave light to my journey becoming a vegan.  It was certainly a struggle for me.  I grew up, in the purest sense, as a meat and potatoes guy.  My diet consisted of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, mashed potatoes, tacos, hamburger & rice, and hamburger helper.  I legit didn't eat anything green until I was 23 (only because I wanted my wife to keep dating me).  So that is the space the song comes from.  I knew those eating habits weren't good.  I knew the repercussions of overeating meat.  I knew what would eventually happen to me if I didn't put a single fruit or veggie in my body.  But honestly, flavor kept winning.  I made every excuse in the book not to change my habits.  I tried to pretend it was just funny not to care at all.  I remember I used to tell people that lettuce caused cancer, because I didn't eat lettuce, and I didn't have cancer.  Obviously I didn't really think that, but I used that joke as a way to avoid the topic.  It took about two years of fighting becoming a vegetarian, another year and a half of fighting becoming a vegan, and lots of education from my wife before I finally made the switch.  That's the vantage point I used to write the song.  I put it though the scope of a relationship, and the issue we (mostly dudes) have with commitment.  There are times when you know it's an incredible thing, you know it makes sense, but for whatever reason, you hesitate.  You get nervous of the unknown.  But then you come to your senses and commit.  And you realize that during all that questioning and doubt, you could have been doing a better job of loving; of being present.  That's the hook.  "I wanna love you better."  It's so universal.  I want to love people better.  I want to love God better.  I want to love animals better.  I want to love this planet better.  I want to love my body better.  And after contemplation throughout the song, and having the realization in the third verse, "I remember always wanting you so bad," I declare that I don't just want to love you better, I'm gonna love you better.  That's my goal in everything.  I think it can cause some massive change, and that is why this song matters to me so much.  I'd love to hear your reaction to the lyrics, and also hear who or what you want to love better!  Leave a comment :)     

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